About Us

We started Versus because we love to ride, and, like you, we hated replacing tires. Finding one felt like a treasure hunt, which didn't always win. We'd complain about how much they cost & tell others it was way less because we were tired of hearing how their car tires cost less.

We wondered why there wasn't a better way, then one day, we thought of it. Taking cues from EVIL, YT & other direct brands, we'd create the first consumer-direct bicycle tire brand.

Fast forward 2.5 years & after countless nights designing, testing samples, revising said samples (over an over) & here we are, our thing is here. The better way thought up while live-streaming Rampage is a reality & we're excited to share it with you all.



Versus founder, Scott Hultgren, on his way to winning his class at the Mammoth Kamikaze Games in 2014 with his beloved @KnollyBikes Podium on really expensive tires.